Foreign Involvement in Pak Balochistan

March 5, 2010 at 6:07 am (Uncategorized)

Foreign Involvement in Pak Balochistan

Zaheerul Hassan

Balochistan is located on the northern lip of straits of Hormuz through which much of the world’s oil supply passes. Balochistan is God gifted rich in natural resources itself with an estimated 19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves and 6 trillion barrels of oil reserves. Therefore, many nations including USA, Russia and India see Balochistan as a strategically important zone of influence.

Enriched with natural resources Balochistan area wise is one of the largest province of Pakistan and remained part of united India till partition of 1947. The British normally used this region as staging ground for invaders during various Afghan – British War. The 1876 treaty between the Khan of Kalat and Robert Sandeman accepted the independence of the Kalat as an allied state with British military outposts in the region. However in 1878 Afghan War, the British rule established in Balochistan. At that time the provincial entity was included on the municipality of Quetta? Kalat, Makran and Lasbella.  The lords (Sardars) of the province became the part and parcel of the English government and situation remained as it was till 1947. The tribal lords (sardars) used to get state compensation on the name of poor population of the province. Anyhow, after partition of India in 1947, Muslim majority states like, Bahawalpur, Swat, Kashmir and Kalat willingly announced their annexation with Pakistan.

Thus, the above narrated facts proved that Balochistan never been an independent region of South Asia  after 1840 and very much remained under the jurisdiction of English government at the time of partition. It is further added here that divisions of Kalat, Makran Quetta and Lasbella have become integral part of Pakistan as per partition plan. However Baglar Begi Khan haphazardly declared the independence of Kalat on August 15, 1947. He assured the neo-state of Pakistan that Kalat will participate in the defense and infrastructure but will be autonomous. I want to highlight here that declaration of independent  Balochistan by Khan of Kalat have never been well received by the population of Makran, Quettat, Lasbella and even Kalati people.  Pakistani army entered the region to occupy the area immediately. On Mar 27, 1948, the Khan of Kalat gave in to the State of Pakistan. His brother Abdul Karim Baloch refused to surrender and revolted until his arrest in 1950. Balochistan was put under Governor General control and no elective body formed in Balochistan until 1973.

The lords (sardar) have never ever taken interest in the development of Balochistan despite taking control of the governments. In various era Bugti, Mengal, Murree and others prominent Baloch lords ruled the province but no progress have been noticed towards the improvement of the life of common man. So called Baloch lords only used to make money on the name of various development projects. In this context, most of federal and provincial governments of the past were also responsible since they never checked that whether deputed lords have expended the allotted funds on the development projects or not.

The lords of Balochistan always made negative propaganda against the armed forces on their masters’ direction rather than establishing educational institutes, extending health and other welfare facilities. They started arms struggle in 1950, which remained underground till 1973. Late Prime Minister Z.A. Bhutto announced the end of Lord System in Balochistan. But the termination of lord system was against the wishes of the Baloch lords, thus they started arms struggle in the province. Anyhow, the same rebellion movement was suppressed forcefully by the government. It is also mentionable here that India always supported rebellion elements of Balochistan finically, physically and through provision of weapons.

US also ticked Balochistan as a vital target of her covert strategy of getting control of Asia.  After 9/11 she got chance to enter into the region for obtaining access in central Asian region, encircling Iran, containing China and restricting Pakistan from  developing  her strategically vital Port Gwadar . India is using Afghan soil for training and launching pad of anti Pakistan elements. Sardar Akbar Bugti instead taking care of his poor people have also chosen the illegal approach in the name of independent Balochistan. But found dead because of the collapse of the cave. The cave was being used by him as hide out during arm struggle against armed forces, Punjabis, government elements and innocent local opponents.

According to reliable sources Indian and U.S authorities have speeded up their plan of destabilization, disintegration of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.  Afghani leaders are supporting India and U.S plan because of their puppet status. Afghan leaders should know that U.S and plan is to establish Greater Balochistan. Uncovered Indian subversive activities against Pakistan and Iran are being executed from Afghan territory. Afghan leadership, if serious to their masses should take measures to stop foreign elements to use their soil against regional countries. On the other hand Iran should realize that she has a large Baloch population on its side of  border with Pakistan and the Indian desire of weakening Pakistan by creating independent Balochistan will cost heavy to Iran itself as the map of Greater Balochistan includes Sistan province as well. Similarly Afghan area connected to Pakistani border would also be part of Greater Balochistan.

US and India joint ventured is aiming at (1) supporting rebels Baloch leaders for storming terrorism in Pakistan (2) Incorporating Iranian and Afghanis’ Baloch areas in purposed Greater Balochistan, (3) Declaring Pakhtune region as Al-Qaida dominated areas and targeting Gas pipeline.

Recently ,some Baloch  leaders ( Dr Wahid Baloch, Munir Mengal and Dr. Juma Khan, Khan of Kalat attended closed door  meeting with Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA) and  organized a seminar “Balochistan  is a problem in Pakistan” . The meeting was headed by Vikran Sood, ex Sectary RAW and General (R) VP Malik, ex Indian COAS, high officials and senior journalists. The Baloch leaders have spoken bluntly against Pakistan and ISI. They have alleged ISI and armed forces for killing of Baloch leaders like Akbar Khan Bugti.  The leaders in their speeches also asked Indian authorities to provide finical assistance, arms supplying, media and moral supports to go for establishing a greater Balochistan. The Baloch leaders tried to depict Queta as Pashtune dominated areas and a nerve centre of Al-Qaeda. The leaders also revealed that China is going to establish a Naval Base at Gwadar. The gas pipeline project and area of Iran and Afghanistan for grater Balochistan have also came under discussion during the meeting. The Baloch leaders claimed that Pakistan has paid two millions dollars to rescue Dr.Afia Siddiqui, They called her as Al-Qaida operative and terrorist who intends killing NATO forces and Afghanistan.

They also met Indian Deputy Foreign Minister who assured New Delhi full support to Baloch so called leaders. The leaders have been asked to speed up their struggle for Greater Balochistan.   Munir Mengal also been guaranteed that 12-13 European countries will be able to openly recognized independent Balochistan Government. The Baloch leaders were paid US $ 25000/ dollars each after the meeting.

It is also reported that USA is also providing her tacit support to Indian in causing unrest in Balochistan. In this context On November 21, 2009 Balochistan International Conference has been organized by the American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) at National Press club Washington   DC, USA. Selig S Harrison (Dir Centre for International Policy), Andrew Evia, Wendy Johnson , Annie Wocenti, Hyrbyair Marri, Mehran Baloch, Ahmed Masti Khan , Munir Mengal, Air Armanda, Professor Neale Baloch Quadric (closed confident of Barmmadagh Bugti)  were  the speakers  and participants of conference . They spread poisoned propaganda against Pakistan and Iran too.   The conference declared Pakistan as an occupant country and also asked Islamabad to dismantle her nuclear arsenals. Israel has also started transferred her expertise in guerrilla warfare to Baloch rebels. According to media reports Triple III Agency have been tasked to implanting troika strategy of storming and creating unrest in Pakistan. The agency probably has also hired the services of Black Water (a notorious branch of CIA) to target prominent leadership of Pakistan and Iran. The government should implement development strategy through already approved Balochistan Package. The matter of foreign interference especially Indian involvement should be discussed in forthcoming Indo-Pak Sectary level talks. Washington should be told to stop intrigues against her main ally of war on terror.


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